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10/3/2015 9:22 PM EST
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Welcome to the ENCOMPASSED HEARTS web site! This is the place where you can check the guild bank, upload pics, videos and screen shots and check all the latest news pertaining to the encompassed hearts guild! Please become a member and  add some content of your own! You can blog,or add a bio to tell us a little about yourself, It's up to you! Have fun and enjoy!
As a guild we are a pleasant bunch always eager to help each other out. We are currently working our way through icc and are 6/12 at this time. We have a awesome GM and officers who promote fun above all, Isn't that what gaming is all about in the end XD.. Feel free to make suggestions, all are welcome!

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Glory done but will always help you do it too

treatshere, Feb 1, 11 9:47 AM.
IF you need those glory to the hero achieves  ask  we can  arrange to help you.

Lich king & glory to hero

treatshere, Jan 26, 11 5:33 PM.
Yes  last  Saturday  We knocked out  all the Lich King achieves except the big guy himself  in 4 hours  giving a long  wait  because  someone left because of a sleeping issue. Grats  Fad  for  completing your  Lich king  kill in a pug. We are going to do the big  guy Saturday  at 7 pm server.Shantel  has the lock on it so if you  want to pug  for  rep  you  can. 

Lich king & glory to hero

treatshere, Jan 26, 11 5:22 PM.
Yes  last  Saturday  We knocked out  all the Lich King achieves except the big guy himself  in 4 hours  giving a long  wait  because  someone left because of a sleeping issue. Grats  Fad  for  completing your  Lich king  kill in a pug. We are going to do the big  guy Saturday  at 7 pm server.Shantel  has the lock on it so if you  want to pug  for  rep  you  can

We have 85s galore

treatshere, Jan 12, 11 3:28 PM.
We need to  help our new members get their old achieves knocked off in raids and start gearing up  for those nasty raids hidden in our world..Herioc Caty dungeons are our testing grounds though they take a long time to get in if not heals or tank. got to get that 359 stuff on for the next level of excitement.

Helping you level

treatshere, Dec 16, 10 9:41 AM.
Please ask for help if you are low level for dungeon runs etc  to help you go more quickly to 85. Every 10th level  you  get an achieve and that  helps the guild to advance as well as any other  major achievements. So you aren't bothering me if you  ask (preferable by  mail-I  can't miss that  because  I left the  monitor).  We can set  up  low level dungeons that you can be prepared for quest wise to get those quests done that the random  parties don't always allow you to do because they are in a hurry. I may  need to schedule these runs or assists as I  have other demands on my time too.  AND  hey,  Don't  be  afraid to ask  someone to  make  some item that will help you  (you  may  need to  get the mats but you can ask about that  too). I  have a banking guild that  has items in it in case  someone is looking 4   mats and can't  find them in Guild bank(tips appreciated.) Please request 4 mats or item making in the mail as I  have  dungeons to do too. LOL-wisps during  battles  may not  be seen.  ) 

Level 4 guild

treatshere, Dec 16, 10 9:24 AM.
We R  a level 4  guild  now  !! What  does that  mean  ?  If you  are friendly  with the guild you get  more XP  faster movement on  mounts, More  rep. We expect to  get more soon. Unfortunately there is a cap per week  on  how  much  guild rep  we can get. Still  we aim to  get  all the perks for you!!!!

keymaster and outland dungeons help

treatshere, Nov 16, 10 7:29 AM.
If you  want  help  with keymaster or  outland dungeons  just ask :) 
I will help with Heroic  outland   dungeons.  Usually  only  need just two  people  to  complete the Dungeons and 3  for heroic. Though  I have  done alot of the heroics  with  just  two.


treatshere, Nov 15, 10 9:36 AM.
Old events will periodically  be deleted so that we may add new events to the calendar. //we are allowed a  maximum of 30 events before the calendar  refuses any  more entries. :)

Vanilla Raids

treatshere, Nov 11, 10 12:47 PM.
11/13/10 Saturday at 2pm server time we will do the AQ raid and do some mount runs. If we have enough people we will do the  Twins and the temple again for those  who  missed last week's very successful run. We will summon those  who  find Sithilus an out of the way  place to travel.
If you are missing any of the vanilla classic raids you should in game mail box message me  the raid/most convenient times for you . Please give me more than one time to  work with .
let me know if you want help with keymaster or herioc outland dungeons.
Get with Krendal (JOE) about that 3 drakes up  achieve  we all want and need.

Keymaster and outland heriocs

treatshere, Sep 24, 10 8:24 AM.
I  know some  of  us already  have  keymaster as  an  achievement. If you  need some assistance  with this  achievement ...ASK me and  any other achievement hog with Keymaster.  I want to  do  outland  heroics as  does Otheym, Joe, et al.  It would  be  nice to get  all our  guildies   into the Heroics for  Outland.  I'm also game to run a few outland  dungeons  for our 60-70 level crowd and have  done this
  Ultimately ,the  goal  would be the  SUNWELL raid. A  25  man  raid  which  is no  problem  until the  last  BOSS. We will need 2 paly  heals (To dispel) and 2  other  healers  plus  2  tanks and 19  DPS. This is  a jewelcrafters  haven by the way.
P.S. Don't  worry , I  won't  feed any  of  you to  the  GODS until the  last WOW achievement  is  milked  out  of you.  
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